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Noor Abdulhussain

Noor Abdulhussain obtained her bachelor’s in chemistry in 2015 at The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (abbreviated as Rotterdam UAS; Dutch: Hogeschool Rotterdam) specializing in analytical chemistry. In 2017 she obtained her MSc degree in Chemistry (analytical track) from the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 

Noor has completed the analytical-science honours programs at both BSc and MSc levels to obtain a sound fundamental background, which she combines with practical knowledge and skills gained in projects together with industry. Beside her work experiences in different fields industry, Noor has worked for 2 years as a tutoring teacher as part-time job during here master studies. Here, she developed the teaching skills and the communication skills.

In 2017, she got a PhD position at the University of Amsterdam. She is now in here last year, as a PhD student in the ERC STAMP (Separation Technology for A Million Peaks) project.  During her PhD journey, she was decorated with the best poster award at HPLC2019 and was invited to give a lecture at the Emerging Separations Technologies symposium (Chromatographic Society, London, UK). In 2019 LC-GC identified her as one of the Rising Stars in Chromatography. While her current work mainly focuses on functionality assessments of 3D-printed devices for application to multi-dimensional separations, Abdulhussain remains involved in studying fundamental separation mechanisms including hydrodynamic chromatography and size-exclusion chromatography as side projects.

One of the reasons to start Sisters in Science with Lotte & Mimi was to break stereotypes and show that everyone can be a scientist.



Lotte Schreuders

In 2017, Lotte Schreuders obtained her joint degree (UvA/VU) bachelors’ in Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Free University (VU). In hindside, she realized that all her projects were focused on analytical chemistry, making the decision about the track for her MSc Chemistry a lot easier. 

In 2018, she started working at a tutoring institute (OVER ‘t IJ Huiswerkbegeleiding, Amsterdam) next to her studies. Here, Schreuders was tutoring high school students individually and in groups. Together with the students, she made schedules, kept track of their grades and development and was in close contact with teachers and parents. She realized the impact of education and that she could make a difference, be it for a few students. The passion for education kept growing and made her doubt a scientific career. 

She finished her MSc degree in 2020 and one month later started her employment at the same MSc track for educational development at the University of Amsterdam. Here, Schreuders focuses on improving and maintaining quality within the program. One example is the development of interactive, fun and easy implementable online teaching methods. To allow teachers to devote more time to improve their teaching material, Schreuders also propels a project to enhance administrative efficiency and ensuring proper information flow throughout our courses. 

Understanding that a community of students and teachers is essential for a safe and inclusive learning environment she started a student Chemistry community (‘Chemunity’) at the start of the COVID pandemic. Within this Chemunity, events are frequently organized to help students to get acquainted with each other and their teachers, as well as gain practical skills and knowledge for their future careers. Last but not least, she has a great interest in diversity and inclusion. She is passionate to contribute to more equity in education and believes role models are an essential part here.


Mimi den Uijl

Mimi den Uijl can best be described as an analytical chemist with a passion for people and communication. Ever since she was 16, she tutored fellow students at high school in all the beta subjects and she continued with this throughout her studies at university. Finding new ways to explain the most complex ideas and terms to keep everyone interested and entertained is one of the things that keeps fueling her enthusiasm. 

She completed her bachelor’s degree in Beta Gamma at the university of Amsterdam, where she majored in chemistry, and continued here studies with a master in Analytical Chemistry. One of the reasons for analytical chemistry is its tremendous impact on our day-to-day life. She started her PhD in analytical chemistry at the University of Amsterdam in 2018, where she uses multidimensional liquid chromatography to better understand light degradation in molecules. 

In this project, she enjoys the research she’s conducting and the students she’s supervising. However, her passion of communication and her internal battle to discover what are her best skills and what step is next drove her to new challenges. She competed in several pitch competitions and made several videos about here publications to obtain more exposure. The opportunity of (scientific) communication within academic world were, however, limited and the drive to share life at university grew, and together with Noor Abdulhussain and Lotte Schreuders she started the Instagram account @SistersinScience_NL.

Throughout her studies, she has struggled with the image of a scientist in our day-to-day life. While it has been one of the reason why she didn’t choose a research career when finishing her masters, this image can still prevent many people to skip an academic career, when actually being a perfect fit. With this anger and frustration, the first steps to Sisters in Science were set.